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i loved this post! this was great to come home to and... dylan got her pregnant, really???!!! and i kinda think you're the dylan expert because i was trying to rectify the interchanging relationships in the movie... heath ledger marries sara, and then cate blanchett is single and denying a relationship with edie while finding her/himself chasing edie around the garden and ultimately, abusively dismissing her. i really didn't know that there were people who think he was her downfall. so this was the type of blog post that sends me looking for further information, and i bow to you!

and you're right, dylan is a culture blender and a thief and i'm going to throw this topic out for you: was madonna ultimately the next dylan...? in terms of taking from the culture and connecting to it enough to define an era by her presence and to have the ability to be tracked from decade to decade by who she was trying to be, who she was connected to romantically and professionally?

in the category of things i wished we'd experienced together: when i saw justin bond uncorked show at ars nova six years ago doing this hilarious but grueling set focusing on people he knew who were left outside of society by society... the show was mostly made up of songs by bambi lake and benjamin smoke, but he did do leopard-skin pillbox hat for edie, and a member of his band had a leopard skin pillbox hat and for some reason my memory swears it had belonged to jackie kennedy, but accounts online of freudian slippers shows say it was edie's hat... who knows who's hat it was? as kiki said, everything is true in a lie.

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