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i like your theory. i'm hoping it turns out to be the case, actually. i'll play devil's advocate though, a little. cordelia was also impaled at one point and didn't "kebab any major organs"... if buffy wasn't mortally wounded her slayer healing power would keep her alive. actually she was in pretty bad shape when warren shot her and sorta needed willow to save her, didn't she? there's a lot that's unrealistic about that series ending... the big first and foremost being that all the ubervamps suddenly became regular dusty vamps despite being prehistoric. but i'll buy it... buffy died twice, was impaled twice, was shot. she really has more of a cheeto-like expiration date (do cheetos really last that long? shouldn't that joke have been about twinkies?)... oh yeah, she was bitten twice by dracula and drunk from him. really she should be dead multiple times by now. i wonder if she was considered the longest-lived slayer in the canon of the show. so i can buy the idea that she's immortal or getting there. only the next, what, five years??? of this damn comic book will tell us...

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