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it's weird having stephin up as a patron saint right at this moment. i like some moments of distortion but i kinda abandoned it right away as a disappointment considering how much i'd been looking forward to it. when that second sixths album came out, though, he might have been a patron saint. and he may still be. but anyway, here's my story. a few years back i kept finding myself in film forum going to see maurice chevalier musicals... and strangely i found myself in the ticket holders line behind stephin merritt both for gigi and for the amazing crazy nearly 80-year-old "the love parade" which was just released by criterion/eclipse as part of the lubitsch musical boxed set... and in both instances he was dressed all in brown. he was also tiny. a tiny, tiny man.

personally, i also wear the same clothes over and over again but that's because i can't afford new ones.

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