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I haven't Swept Away but word was that it was terrible. Although to be fair, there are many people who think that Swept Away is way overhyped and was never that great of a film. I think the thing to look at is Dangerous Game, the film she made with Abel Ferrara where he just completely kind of debased her character and left her with her world utterly shattered. It is a difficult film to watch because it is in a sense Madonna fighting for control but also fighting herself to not try and take control. I think it has a lot in common with Polanski's Repulsion and is very underrated. As far as I'm concerned Madonna's made some okay movies--Desperately Seeking Susan, Truth or Dare, The Next Best Thing, and Dangerous Game. The thing about The Next Best Thing and Dangerous Game was that her raw ambition and absolutely overwhelming desire to somehow matter make her a bit sadistic toward others and in both of these films Madonna isn't afraid to let that side of her come out. Her character in both films is similar in its sadistic desire to have what she wants "to be happy" at any cost and the toll that it takes on her when people walk away...or push her to go further than she would like to go to get what she wants. That to me is the duality that inhabits her persona/celebrity and it comes out in truth or dare where warren beatty tells her that everything would be on camera and it comes out in the two other films. it is probably the universal trap of celebrity the more you need to known the less you will have in terms of "loving" relationships and "close" friends because they will be driven off by megalomania and yet that extreme need to be at the center of attention to be universally loved by strangers makes the person seem like damaged, fragile and somehow tragically "frozen" (cassavetes Opening Night and Love Streams also come to mind)...modern celebrity is about opening oneself up while trying to maintain a certain integrity of self that may not be possible and Britney Spears might be the example of this. A while ago there was a great piece by Cady Noland called "Celebrity Trash Spill" which included photo equipment, papers and stuff referring to the death of John Belushi and it was about the complexity of celebrity in today's age--about the attempt to exist as a "real" person at the same time that one becomes a kind of "mythic" figure and loses ones personhood. Also really good here is Leo Braudy's The Frenzy of Reknown. All of it also figures into Britney's dilemma but no one is smart enough to understand her situation as an illness of this society and not a matter of an individual's bipolar "clinical" experience.

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