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Monica used to say she loved Madonna and wanted to be like her and be a pop culture presence like her and more than a tennis player. Granted she was young and it was before she was attacked which I think really fucks up the psyche cuz I don't think Andy Warhol was ever the same nor as interesting after being shot and well Monica Seles was never the same after that attack. I don't blame any of these people when random violence happens like i can't imagine--I'd curl up in a cave for the rest of my life so I think good for her that she's on dancing with the stars. Tho I have to say I think that if John McEnroe can't make a go of it as a talk show host or game show host or whatever, then I'm not sure about Monica's chances. But my thing is I can't remember the name of the guy who is on after Letterman but that guy is the most inane and stupid host--Monica would be better than him any day. What I'd love to see is Anna Kournakova on Celebrity Apprentice--I don't know why but everyone always said she couldn't play tennis but she had a great business sense--i'd love to see that business sense put to the test.

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