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God, I can't stop listening to that She and Him song. They really nail that sixties thing. It just creeps under your skin and settles there in a lovely, warm way. But yes, up until today my last post on this blog had been my magnum opus on Evangelista. My favorite Carla show of all time was in this little Bushwick pop-culture bakery called Goodbye Blue Monday which I'm not even sure still exists, and she did Hello Voyager there and it was both crazy fun and completely married to what else she did that night. I can't wait to hear the record. The other thing is that she's been doing this song forever that always gets me in that flashbacks-before-my-eyes way that she can do for me: "stay inside my hands, i'm fit to pray today/willing but unable to come out and play"... she did it with nels as scarnella, and she did it with the night porter including at tonic before they were the night porter, and she did it last summer at the book of knots show. i THINK this is the blue room song on the new album and that would be worth the price of the album.

but getting back to zooey... normally the way you put anthony to sleep is have an actor release an album. i really don't like juliette and the licks, nor do i care about the bacon brothers, or james marsters' band or minnie driver as a singer. but i already love she and him from one song. and i love all the youtube zooey musical moments and her compositions in winter passing and the short film franny posted so she sets a precedent for me. the only other actress i can think of who recorded things i just like to listen to would be judy holliday who recorded a great album "trouble is a man" but an even greater one: the unreasonably good "holliday with mulligan" in which she sung to the stylings of her husband gerry mulligan. plus she was in "bells are ringing" and originated the song just in time.

a lot of singers can cross over into acting (bowie for one...) but i can't think of many actors who cross over into music. i'd like to say anthony head but i'm not sure if i'd really buy his album.


well you are the fan of musicals! I mean Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Judy Garland--they all could sing. It is strange now that there is like the "eye roll" that greats the actress turned singer nowadays. But I think Zooey is different. I think she's serious geniuine and that lp is great. On that note, Lindsay Lohan isn't so bad either. For what she is--a Pop Tart.


True, but as much as I love musicals and can listen to a soundtrack or a cast album, I don't know how many people who made their name in musicals I'd listen to if they released their own material. Judy Garland, though, is definitely a perfect example of someone who came up through the movies and was a great singer on her own. I can listen to her recordings, and I can listen to Fred Astaire's because he originated a lot of great songs -- The Way You Look Tonight, Lets Face the Music and Dance, Night and Day, Slap That Bass, Pick Yourself Up-- and left behind a lot of amazing, charming 78s that have been variously collected on LPs. But I dunno if I'd ever buy an album by Dick Van Dyke or Julie Andrews, or even Gene Kelly or Debbie Reynolds for that matter. And I'm not sure who I'd listen to among actors who didn't start out as musical actores. Judy and Fred were brought into film for their musical talent... and some amazing people like Cab Calloway, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt were basically discovered as singers and brought into film. But in all those cases, it was a time where there was a system in place to make musicals and people had to do everything. Come the 50s you could cast Natalie Wood or Audrey Hepburn in a musical and have someone else do the singing. And later, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Madonna at times, Cher, Queen Latifah... did well in film from music but I don't think of them as actors. Will Smith crossed over but I can't think of him as a singer or a rapper anymore. I dunno if I like Barbara Streisand as an actor or singer. I'm rambling. Anyway, you're right... it doesn't make sense that people trained in theater are expected not to sing especially since many of them end up in musical theater... only J-Lo gets away without the eyeroll and in her case, I'm not even sure what came first. Didn't Lindsay start as a singer? Anyhoo... Zooey seems to be different. I actually like when her music is interspersed with her films and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of this.

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