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I dunno-- I think Buffy's descent from Paradise was pretty traumatic. She spent the first couple of episodes back from the dead in a daze and then spent the rest of the season dealing with depression and serious ptsd issues that led to her affair with Spike. I've also never been sure if Cordelia's ever descended. Her body did, but I'm not convinced that was ever not Jasmine. Breaking the ties with Angel by saying she'd seen all his crimes and the sleeping with Connor? It all seems like part of some counter-plan with Skip and not something Cordy actually did. In "You're Welcome" I think Cordy is some sort of spirit and her body is still in the coma which is why Angel gets the call after he'd just been with her. I just don't understand why she's corporial during that episode. I don't see any precedence for a tangible spirit on either show.

Could Buffy have worn the amulet? I thought it had to be an ensouled vampire. Anyway, considering Spike came back as a ghost who couldn't leave the city limits of LA and was only freed by Lindsay's spell, maybe the plan was to fry Angel but bring him back as insurance for the prophesized apocalypse, but unable to get away from Wolfram and Hart. And then W&H would have to resources of the rest of Angel Investigations while keeping Angel as their pet.

I agree about Buffy's potential reaction to Angel/Cordelia. I always wanted to see that. Considering what Cordy represented in Buffy's life, and how Angel claimed to only ever love one person, I think it would have been more of a shock to Buffy than Spike/Buffy was to Angel.

And okay, Fred gets the Chinese food but isn't Xander the one who gets the donuts for the mostly female Buffy gang? Though when Xander really develops a role of taking care of Buffy/Willow/Dawn/Tara, it's stereotypically male. He's the one who has to rebuild the house every time the rest break it apart.


Oh, one last comment... I never thought of the attack at the end of the last "Angel" episode as an apocalypse so much as an attack... a hit on Angel/Spike/Gunn/Illyria for killing the big bosses. I thought it was some sort of supernatural attempt to kill only those four and no one else. Plus since the world continues after that attack through the Buffy comics, it wasn't a true apocalypse. I think Joss Whedon has said that at least Angel, Spike and Illyria were still alive and for a while planned a TV movie followup to both shows starring Spike, Willow and Illyria. Oh, one more thing. I hate Illyria.

By the way, I noticed Nathan Fillion has a new show on Fox starting April 15. So he and Eliza Dushku have theoretically found work.

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