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I think its really actually kind of pathetic that rape vics or "so called rape vics" and such actually live there lives by deciding which charater on tvis lesbian or not, I have notyet found a reason for mariska to be a lesbian, even her charater, if you were a ral vic you would feel sympothy and understanding for these people. So I dont even want to listen to people trying to justify weather or not mariska is a lesbian or not....

Order taking services

I'm considering to watch Law and Order tv show if there is an episode like that.

Ben Cliff

Jordan Retro 5

There is a saying, This call polish, There are ten other word said, This is professor of knowledge, There is a saying, This call careful lawyer, Say a diplomat is left,This is rigorous, There are ten other said a politician, This call pedigree, There is a saying that monk mystery.

Charla Mcguyer

Of all the episodes in Law and Order in SVU, there is bound to be some character that is coincidentally similar to a real person. The show has been running for a long time, and it is possible that they have written and shown just about every story possible with regards to crime and law. But gossip is still gossip, and it can spread like wildfire, just because of a simple misunderstanding.

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