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this is what i have to say about making an edie biopic. forget it. no one can possibly have the kind of magnetism that edie had at her best. supposedly the gia movie that ended up with angelina jolie starring (and hell i'm an angie apologist) was first dreamed up by zoe lund who starred in ms.45 and i think was a genius but they never finished the film and only rushes of it exist i have a friend who has seen them and she told me they are pretty fixating and if anyone could do justice to those kind of screwed up geniuses it is another screwed up genius not a poor woman whose future hubby cheated with the nanny (i mean that is too close to a sit com--wait isn't that a reality show now?) speaking of reality shows janice dickinson is the only reason to watch the surreal life cuz she used to hang with gia but somehow lived to tell.

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