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i take it you didn't see the muppets wizard of oz with ashanti? (fairuza balk doesn't count because her oz movie wasn't a musical) but you're right. there used to be an era where there were specific people in hollywood who's job it was to make musicals. these stars exist now, but in india where the musical is still king. they don't exist here, and it's pretty sad. the ones that can do everything, like Sutton Foster, have their niche on Broadway and in cabaret and are too "broadway" to get their time on screen and to be that kind of icon. and maybe that's a good thing - one really messed up thing about judy's christmas special was that she'd supposedly given liza a black eye before the filming and judy was supposed to introduce her family, but only introduced lorna saying liza was "out with her beau." judy was yo-yo'ed in and out of therapy because mgm didn't know how to deal with a troubled young woman who was also responsible for so much of the studio's profits. but, yeah, i remember thinking a few years back how barbara streisand didn't own fanny brice and wouldn't it be cool if someone had the guts to highlight a modern star in a revival... but who?

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