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I'm probably gonna post my own Maria McKee post some time this week, okay? But I just needed to post that I feel vindicated in telling you that you had the Carrie look in December when you cut your hair. Now the circle is completing itself.


the funny thing about the whole band concept: part of the reason i didn't post for twelve days is that when i come up with an idea for a post, i get caught up in whether or not it's worth posting about, whether it will fit in with the tone of other recent posts, whether it will take focus away from something else recently posted. you, franny, have known me long enough to know that i know your endless frustration over my endless inability and unwillingness to write. my dream as a teen/college student was to write in some way and i've been told the key was to keep journals and to just write, write, write - but even on other message boards and mailing lists i've always had trouble just sitting down an posting.

so i totally get the mindset of maria and of that other singer we love because i think i have it. but i think of it as a character flaw! i hate that about myself and i wish i had the discipline to be sponteneous. and i think if i had the talent to sing or play that i wish i had, i'd be totally caught up in making sure i had the right chemistry. and that goes against almost everything i love about the process of art as an observer, because i think in order to let ideas come to fruition you have to let them grow organically and fail a lot. i spent most of my time as a potential writer pissed at myself for not getting it all at the same time, and that even goes against that rilke quote about not looking for all the answers at once.

which is a lot more convoluted an answer than i thought i was going to give, but does that make any sense? i think it's a mixture of both the creative and personality things. the thing is, i also think - well look at the guitarist that we love that the singer we love loves who ironically is more of a neko-type - that the formula is that if you do play where you can it helps you anyway, because you're so visible and because you can develop a following. one of the things i found inspiring about the flaming lips movie is that wayne didn't let a little thing like talent get in the way at first... he literally kept the band going until they were actually good. that's a special kind of passion right there.

the other thing is that i think you have to do what makes you happy. robbie robertson would almost never play live after leaving the band, and would just work in private and release something occasionally. john lennon disappeared for years. i think forcing yourself to do anything that makes you miserable would take away from the work. but i'm the one who thinks about posting for a week before he does.

on a weird side note: for canada day the new pornographers and the sadies are going to play a double bill for relatively free in prospect park. NO NEKO! she's recording her album with who knows... so the sadies will play a sadies set and the n.p.'s will have a new temporary female vocalist. though maybe not so ironic since neko isn't really from canada.

honestly i think that maria m and the other singer should play with the sadies because it saves the sadies from playing on their own.

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