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Okay, I just got the new Carolyn Mark album in the mail. It's called "Just Married: An Album of Duets" - you have to look closely at the front to see that it's a Carolyn Mark album although her names marked clearly on the side but the thing is... I've never heard of ANY of these people she's dueting with. NONE. So to me it's a Carolyn Mark album with a lot of stranger's extra voices. But I do *want* to know who some of them are - Amy Honey and Ford Pier especially. How the heck does she get all this support from Mint Records? In a miniscule period of time, she's recorded three great solo albums plus the Nashville thing and the Corn Sisters and now this. I was listening to Party Girl before and thinking how perfect it was and also how amazingly cheap it sounds - as if half the songs were performed in clubs or on the go - I mean for god's sake, there's a typewriter imitating tap dancing on Other Woman. She's just a genius in making people like me happy on an annual basis. I think it helps that she doesn't take herself seriously and never leaves Vancouver except to stay at friends' houses in the states and write songs about them. But anyway, the album is available at Allegro Music's web site and at a reasonable price I must add. But Franny should not buy it for reasons yet to be disclosed. Also... it's on iTunes with credit given on the iTunes song tags to the collaborative artists, but unhelpfully no other info such as songwriting credits. It does come out cheaper on iTunes. Once again, Franny shouldn't download it. For reasons that hopefully will be revealed in 7-9 days. Get well, Franny. Hopefully someone got you a gift. Don't buy the Carolyn Mark album. (I know you were hoping for Lucky Jeans...)

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