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i need a life and a c key...STILL. i spent all day watching the thrill jockey dvd--it is 5 hours and 30 minutes long...i fell asleep thru some of it but what i remember--bjork trying to explain that car alarms weren't really animals to her 2 year old son....mike watt--man of the hour talking about worshipping blank generation! and then somehow it ended up being something about edgar allen poe...and for the life of me i don't know what the connection was but hey i don't judge people on that....and catherine irwin starting to talk about feeling beat up by 70s fm radio and then sort of slipping into talking about being in the mindset of feeling beaten in general and then looking like oh my god, what did i just say? and these really weird artist sitting in like an alan saret decorated room but the wife spoke with man's voice and husband spoke with the wife's voice and i wasn't sure if it was the dvd or the fact that i realized pierogi's shouldn't be served in bamboo...


Re: Pierogis... what the heck is a steamed Chinese dumpling anyway but a pierogi without apple sauce, onions and sour cream. the bamboo seems appropriate somehow. and yet, a pierogi is also almost a ravioli and cheese pierogi with tomato sauce sounds really very awful.


also... about women who made their fame on the wb... i was going to do a full-fledged post about this but i'm not ready to post about buffy yet...

but i love amber benson. like the cast of will and grace, she says she's not gay but she plays a lesbian on tv, playing tara, willow's girlfriend for four years before being killed off thanks to the buffy producers staying true to the old rule about lesbian characters having to die that was parodied in beyond the valley of the dolls. actually, her character went from sweet and shy, to brave and wise with a lot of earth mother thrown in and when she was killed off it was a cheap emotional ploy.

but she's also an indy filmmaker, though i haven't seen her film and it sounds sorta just okay. and she's both a vegan and a geraldine fibbers fan (as quoted in an interview a few years back) so she's my kinda people.
and when alison anders directed an episode of cold case, she cast amber as a woman in the 60s helping young women get safe, but illegal, abortions and she was right there with illeana douglas, kim dickens, angel aviles and ione skye as a great alison anders heroine/sad girl... so this broke my heart:

what is she doing???? she's too young to start being the love object at science fiction conventions. i mean, okay, it's a free boat ride and a paid vacation and she probably needs the money for her own projects.

i think the lauren graham project should involve a lauren graham/amber benson buddy picture.

also - i think lorelei is a very upper-crust sounding name and i could see the gilmore parents naming their baby towards their own social climbing. plus one of the things i like about gilmore girls is how lorelei allows her own lorelei junior to be rory... like she wants her to have her name as a child having a child, but isn't her parents. i can see amy sherman or whoever the gilmore creator was spending a lot of time on that. or maybe i just read a lot into these things.

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