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i may be wrong but i was fairly certain that x-ray spex were brits and i always though kleenex/liliput were swiss (???) so if you saw any germ-free adolescents they were like some weird time warp thing. and i was considering the subtitle of this thing should be hospital is sydney in now--but can i just say that this huge chunk of asphalt just came from somewhere in either my nose or sinus....and underneath my nose feels like i have daper rash...that was easily the dumbest accident yet and i keep forgetting my nose is broken and rub it or blow it and sceam in pain and everything that was like stuck beoind the swelling is pouring down my throat and i have to hostess that repro rights seminar tomorrow...ugh.....i am in misery. sleepp....


agggh! where did the asphalt come from? i hope when you read this you're okay. and if you're not, you need to see a doctor.

and no you are correct, they were british, but they managed to get to the u.s. and play cbgb during their brief lifespan. they're shown playing at cbgb in "the punk rock film" supposedly. some fab pictures at cb's at cb's website, but for some reason, rupert won't let me post the URL because it thinks I'm spamming it. I'm supposed to contact the blog author. Who do I contact when I am the blog author?

and the kleenex line is from the x-ray spex song plastic bag.

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